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Define a clear IoT strategy for your products and projects

Unify the conversation, goals and achievements between your developing and management teams

Enable your team to choose the proper assets and devices, IoT protocols and software solutions

Do not chase the market but get insight into various IoT technologies which can enhance your products and fulfil your requirements

Create a clear and structured plan to realize and release your IoT projects

Measure what matters while providing solutions your customers want

Works for B2B and B2C Companies

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Instead of trying to convince you how good we are, allow me to tell you why others have choosen us, and you can see if those reasons make sense to you?

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Technical as well Business Management across the whole APAC area

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NetComm Wireless

Remote devices management and hardware specific SDK for IoT applications

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Connected Welding machines → Production line

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Development of a game framework that is fully connected and runs everywhere (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)

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OS for trains including remote connectivity and automated maintenance

Proven Process

An easy path forward



Every project starts with a solid foundation which consist of business and technical requirements and a clear definition

  • How does success look like

We are here to help you in building a solid foundation that can be used as guidance throughout the whole project.



An Idea has not much value as long as it’s not properly planned and executed.
We help you to define a clear path for your individual solution while working closely with your own teams and departments.

  • Idea selection
  • Market and Technology analysis
  • Financial Business analysis



Let’s execute that plan together and make it a reality.
We stay on your side and support you in this crucial stage of the project. While defining with your teams the best approach for:

  • Product development
  • Automated product tests
  • Market introduction
  • Customer feedback


Things that make an impact

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We help companies develop successful IOT solutions while focusing on both business and technical aspects.

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